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Aircrew Liquid Suit Conditioning Systems

AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies has designed, developed and manufactured systems that improve the crews thermal comfort by supplying conditioned fluid fluid at the temperature selected by each crew member to their liquid conditioning garments. Systems have been developed for both installation on aircraft and for carrying by hand for use during ground phase operations of aircrew.


Combined Air Conditioning and Auxiliary Power Unit Systems

AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies design combined Air Conditioning Units (ACU) and Auxiliary Power Units (APU) to provide a source of electrical power and crew/equipment cooling/heating from a single system. These systems are typically fitted to vehicles which are required to operate for significant periods without their main engine running, or for transportable systems where other power sources are not available.

Military Vehicle Conditioning Systems

AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies has developed a particular expertise in the design of air conditioning systems to provide habitability for the crews of armoured vehicles. Systems have been fitted to a wide range of tracked and wheeled vehicles operating in temperatures from +55°C to -46°C.

Military Vehicle NBC Filtration Systems

AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies is an experts in the packaging of CBRN Systems to achieve the most effective arrangement suited to the space constraints and interface details of individual vehicle installations. Systems have been fitted in a wide range of tracked and wheeled vehicles for customers worldwide.


NBC/CBRN Filters

AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies designs and manufactures filters which meet or exceed NATO standards.

Also designed and manufactured by AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies are peacetime filters for training purposes and for use when there is no threat of attack.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies Portable Air Conditioning Unit (ACU) is currently in use with Armed Forces worldwide.  The unit is ruggedly designed for harsh environments in ambient temperatures up to 131°F (55°C). The Unit is fully compatible with AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies Portable CBRN Air Filtration Units.

Portable NBC Filtration Systems

AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies Portable Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Air Filtration Unit (AFU) is currently in service with Armed Forces worldwide. The units can be configured to provide over-pressure Collective Protection (COLPRO) to shelters or for decontamination purposes. The units are fully compatible with the AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies Portable Air Conditioning Unit .


Regenerative NBC Filtration Systems

As a leading authority in the design and integration of CBRN Filtration and Environmental Control Systems, AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies teamed with PALL aerospace, experts in the design of specialist filters, have jointly developed Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) regenerative chemical filtration and environmental control systems for collective protection. This technological advance offers enhanced levels of protection against a much wider range of chemicals, including toxic industrial gases, and can be readily applied to fighting vehicles, naval platform, and ground-based shelter applications.


Riot Gas Filtration Systems

Installed in a suitably prepared vehicle, the filtration system provides collective protection on demand, against riot control agents such as CN (Chloracetophenone), CR (Dibenzoxapine) and CS (Orthoclorobenzal monitrite), within the occupied space. This is achieved by using the cleaned and filtered air from the filtration system to create an overpressure, relative to the ambient pressure, ensuring any leakage is from the protected space to the potentially contaminated area outside the vehicle - and not the opposite direction. Vehicle occupants can therefore operate inside the vehicle without the encumbrance and discomfort of wearing respirators, thereby improving their operating efficiency.


Shelter/Container Air Conditioning Systems

AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies designs and manufactures Air Conditioning Systems to meet the specific needs of the customer for defence platform applications.  Over many years, solutions have been developed for equipment used on land, at sea and in the air. System designs include vapour cycle cooling as well as packaged systems using external heatsinks.

Shelter/Container NBC Filtration Systems

AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies have several standard CBRN filtration systems packaged for installation in tactical shelters or containers used as mobile support facilities, radar cabins, command centres, etc. Where a standard packaged system is unsuitable, AMETEK Aircontrol Technologies are experts in providing custom built systems to meet the space constraints and interface details of individual installations.


Specialist Cooling Systems

AMETEK Airscrew has an established expertise in the design, development and manufacture of specialist systems for cooling sensitive electronic equipment, and maintaining environmental control within occupied crew spaces.

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